Circle of Friends

Our circle of friends is a social skills class that provides a positive impact on your child’s social development bringing peers together with games, fun and laughter.

Social interaction is essential for building friendships and participating in everyday play at school.  It is important for a child to have an internal desire to communicate and participate with others. In our Circle of Friends class, children learn to greet their peers, play interactively using their imagination and creativity.  Children will participate in social games such as Duck Duck Goose, What Time is it Mr. Wolf and Musical Chairs. Each program is designed to facilitate the play and interaction with ease.  Children will gain the confidence and motivation to play with their peers. Our ASD Social Skill Group is meant for all children. 

Children can join our Music Class and Art Class to make it a full Saturday of fun.  Learn more and call us 289-474-5075.

Children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, social and communication disorders may have a difficult time interacting with others.  Children may not respond to others, may interrupt others and lack joint attention (Pollard et al., 2012; Charman, 2003; Mundy 1995).


Our Circle of Friends class starts with a Peer Sharing & Caring group time allowing the children to talk about emotions, participate in role playing and developing the joint attention skills they need.  Each child will have the opportunity to be the leader so that we can build confidence and independence.   The children will participate in playing a variety of social games, pretend play and group problem solving games which encourages teamwork.

Saturdays Thursdays
12:00 – 2:00 5:00 – 7:00