Primary Penguins

Children will learn to dance and rock ‘n roll with their peers. A fun-filled class to promote social behaviours and peer interactions.

Our social skills groups focuse on your child’s development of language, joint attention and play. We incorporate echoics and imitation using the core of our evidence based practice, ABA. Imitation is the ability for a child to observe another persons actions, sounds, words, movement and copy it.  Imitation requires that a child pays close attention to the person and mimics the behaviour.  As a child becomes better at imitating actions, the possibility of imitating sounds and words is more likely.

A great way to develop joint attention, play, imitation and language skills in an upbeat fun way!
Research suggests that imitation skills improve language skills (Bates et al., 1988, play  (Fiese, 1990; Uzgiris, 1990) and joint attention (Carpenter, Nagell, & Tomasello, 1998).  Using object imitation at the age of two was highly correlated with the development of play skills 1 year later (Stone et al., 1997).

Shake Your Silly’s Out allows children to learn through music, dance and social interaction.  We act pretend to be animals stomping around and jump up and down during the shake break. Kids can rock ‘n roll with their fingers, head and toes!

 Saturdays 9:30-11:30