New Ontario Autism Program

The challenges we are facing…

The New Ontario Autism Program has opened great doors for children with Autism.  No more waitlists, more ABA supports for children and a brighter future for them.  We know how effective therapy can be for children.  Early IBI programs help children decrease problem behaviours, teach them to talk and acquire new skills.  So this is very exciting news for families.

We are faced with a big problem though. With over 1700 children that were on the waitlist now starting to receive service and thousands of others that are already receiving service, we now have a shortage of therapists.

Services are not available for children now because centres are full and therapists are booked.  We simply need more trained and qualified therapists.

So if you are a college or university graduate looking to work with children diagnosed with autism, here is your chance. However, it’s really important that you get trained! You can take a variety of online training courses, become a Registered Behavior Technician and support your clients.

Autism Therapy & Training trains new therapists on a weekly basis. It is truly our pride and joy to see young minds enter the field and find their passion for teaching children. As a therapist, you may need to learn how to engage a child and play with them. Many therapists struggle with just playing and establishing reinforcers.  We focus on training therapists to have fun and be playful.  We focus on the core of Verbal Behavior and teaching children to learn how to learn.

Imagine you’re teaching a learner to identify colours, but yet they confuse orange with red and you wonder why and feel stuck. A trained therapist is able to teach with care.  The beauty of becoming an RBT is you will work closely with a supervisor. Your supervisor will help problem solve the issues, but even before that, you’ll approach your supervisor with the concerns because you will see them.  You’ll notice that your learner only responds in certain situations and begin to wonder if you and your team are using multiple exemplars and so on.

So get ahead in the field and get trained. Make a difference in the field as a quality practitioner.

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