ABA School Readiness

Our ABA therapy programs prepare children for school and the everyday life by giving them the tools to be successful. Our ABA School Readiness program focuses on three main things: independence; friends and confidence.  This classroom is set up like a grade 1 class where children work on academic skills such as reading and writing, peer interaction and social play.  The children learn through games like musical chairs and duck duck goose to follow rules, share and play interactively.

Many children with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, OCD or other communicative delays and behavioural challenges can be more sensitive to routine changes, difficult tasks or making mistakes.  In our ABA School Readiness program, children learn to manage and monitor their own behaviours by awareness training and cognitive behaviour therapy.  Children learn to identify their behaviour, the right choice in handling the situation and develop a higher level of understanding.

Graduates of our ABA School Readiness program have meet developmental milestones of a 7 year old.

Disclaimer: Improvements vary for all children based on many factors, but not limited to the age they started therapy, number of hours enrolled per week, attendance and parental involvement.  Our treatment team will support you during this process and provide recommendations best to help your child’s development.

Developmental Milestones

5-7 Years

  • Takes turns and shares
  • Speaks 6-10 word sentences
  • Answers questions about stories
  • Plays interactively with peers
  • Uses appropriate grammar
  • Asks lots of questions
  • Writes stories
  • Spells correctly
  • Knows months of the year
  • Tells jokes