Story Time

IBI Training
IBI Training for Therapists

What made me confident and happy was when I saw results within the learner.

New Ontario Autism Program
New Ontario Autism Program

We are faced with a big problem for children and we need to improve our practices. We need more trained and qualified therapists…

Registered Behavior Technician
I’m a Registered Behavior Technician

If you are an ABA therapist, you know what its like when you tell others you’re a therapist. You explain that your not a speech therapist, not an occupational therapist, not a teacher and not an ECE…

Autism Therapy and training
Teaching Errors

Teaching errors in Applied Behavior Analysis, working towards improving learning for children diagnosed with autism.

Autism Therapy Training
Early Intervention… The Key To Success

My child is diagnosed with autism… now what?

Autism Therapy & Training
A Quality IBI Program Checklist

Children are your precious young ones that you are looking out for… Here is a list of things to look for in a good program…

Autism Therapy Woodbridge
Early Warning Signs of Autism

Early warning signs of Autism can help you take the next steps…

Centre based therapy for ABA Programs

Centre based ABA programs could impact your child’s learning, learn how…

Autism Therapy and Training
Toilet Training Children with Autism

A sad story with a happy ending. Johnny’s toilet training program takes a turn down a happy road of success…

Autism Therapy and Training
Maggie’s First words for Christmas

Every parent dreams of hearing their child’s first words. Speech delay is common in children diagnosed with Autism. The right approach may just help…