Teaching Errors

Teaching errors are very common in practice. Something that everyone in the field has been working so hard at supporting others in correcting.

Have you ever tried teaching your learner to label pictures of animals and they do it perfectly, but then you go to ask them a different question about that same picture and they can’t answer it? Let me give you a specific example.  Suppose you are showing your learner a picture of a duck and you say “what is it?”, the learner says “duck”. Great! What if you asked the learner “what does it say?” while showing them that same picture, they may say “duck”.

When teaching, we often make the mistake of associating one question for that picture or item.  It’s important that the child learns to listen to the question and discriminate.  They need to learn to listen to whether you are saying “what is it?” “what colour?” “what does it say?” and so on.

This is where we need to focus when teaching our learners. Not only do we want to vary our pictures and what we say, but most importantly that you can get asked several questions about one picture card or item.

Natural environment teaching is great for this so that you are not doing all your teaching at the table. You can play with a toy and have the learner tell you the colour, number, shape, what it’s used for and so on.

There are so many crucial aspects to teaching, so teach your learner to learn by attending and listening.

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