• Improve communication
  • Teach play and social skills
  • Reduce problem behaviour

Learning to Read


  • Promote early diagnosis and intervention
  • Improve the development and well-being of children diagnosed with autism
  • Providing the highest level of education using the best behavior analytic methods.

Our Approach

We use a child-centred approach, teaching in a one-on-one setting to ensure each child learns at their pace and level.  Both the program development and environment are created to promote learning by guiding the child and teaching errorlessly.

Measurable Results

We have been using our specially designed program, ABA/VB strategies and approach with many children — and we have seen great results! Children who were nonverbal began speaking, children that couldn’t interact with their peers or play with others are socializing and making friends. Parents have provided great feedback expressing their happiness with our program and the gains their children have made.

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