Core Values

Autism-Therapy-&-Training-Creativity Education
A fun environment creates the motivation and curiosity to learn and thrive.
Autism-Therapy-&-Training-Excellence Excellence
At the heart of our practice is ABA; a well-developed science for educating.
Autism-Therapy-&-Training-Teamwork Teamwork
Collaborating with parents and professionals to develop an effective education plan.
Autism-Therapy-&-Training-Fun-Learning Creativity
Using innovative ideas to enrich teaching and learning environments.

attKids Programs

Experience language, play and joint attention through natural environment teaching.
Bye-bye homework frustrations, hello confidence and academic excellence.
The best practices of ABA are used to enhance communication, social interaction and confidence.
A customized plan to reduce tantrums and undesirable behaviours by increasing cooperation.
Building independence and self-monitoring skills equips a child for successful transition to school.
Overcome speech challenges with the help of a Speech-Language Pathologist and BCBA.


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Our Happy Parents

*Disclaimer: Our Happy Parents stories and successes are real, unsolicited testimonials from our former clients.  Every child is different and progress will vary from child to child.


Autism is characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication. Individuals diagnosed with Autism engage in repetitive behaviours and often have limited interests. No two individuals with Autism are the same as for some it may impact their life more than others.  Due to the severity of the disorder, if left untreated children diagnosed with Autism may not learn to speak, build social interaction skills and develop other essential skills.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is development disorder in children which show signs of inattention and hyperactive impulsive behaviours. Verbal impulsivity, speaking out, fidgeting. Cognitive impulsiveness engage in behaviours without thinking of the consequences, cannot wait for things, climbing things, touching things.

ABA is a well-developed scientific discipline that focuses on analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating the environment so that change in behaviour is observed.  ABA utilizes assessment procedures to determine underlying causes of behaviour and allows practitioners to change the environment so that behaviour can change.  Building new skills and decreasing problem behaviours are the primary focus.

Verbal behaviour uses the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis to teach language.  Focusing on Mands (requests), Tacts (labels), Receptive skills (following instructions), Motor Imitation, Vocal Imitation and Intraverbals (conversational skills).  Children are taught the function and use of language rather than just words. Verbal behaviour is not necessarily spoken language but can take other forms such as sign language, PECS or communicative devices.

Story Time

IBI Training
IBI Training for Therapists

What made me confident and happy was when I saw results within the learner.

New Ontario Autism Program
New Ontario Autism Program

We are faced with a big problem for children and we need to improve our practices. We need more trained and qualified therapists…

Registered Behavior Technician
I’m a Registered Behavior Technician

If you are an ABA therapist, you know what its like when you tell others you’re a therapist. You explain that your not a speech therapist, not an occupational therapist, not a teacher and not an ECE…